Shakti Premium Essentials Bundle

The ultimate acupressure set 

Light and Advanced bundles arriving summer 2024

The best start to your Shakti journey? We think so. Unlock tight muscles, release inner tension, and discover deep, deep sleep with the perfect base of relaxation and recovery.

  • Rediscover deep sleep
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Relax every tense muscle

This bundle includes:

Shakti Premium Acupressure Mat: Expect a powerful and restorative experience that activates your body’s healing systems and melts inner tension fast. Covered with 6,000 of the sharpest acu-spikes. Filled with an organic Blissfoam™ inner that molds to your body so every spike can work its magic.

Shakti Premium Acupressure Pillow:  The ultimate companion to your Mat and a versatile relaxation tool on its own. Take Shakti relaxation up a notch and unlock the tension in your head, neck, and shoulders. Or tuck it into tense areas while you lay on the couch or work at your desk. Filled with shredded plant-based foam that you can precisely mold and shape to target tension.

Ongoing self-care without the ongoing price. Shakti spikes activate your body’s ability to restore itself and turn discomfort into relaxation. A one-purchase wellness tool for any wind-down or recovery routine.

We're not relaxed until you are. If your Shakti's not right for you we offer free returns & exchanges. With only 1 in every 271 customers returning their mat, we’re confident you’ll be converted too.

We’re committed to handcrafting acupressure products that support your wellbeing for years to come. If you experience a fault in the craftsmanship or materials, we'll fix or replace it for free.

Access the world's only acupressure mat app – free with your purchase. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and discover the tips and tricks that will double your Shakti benefits.

Mat & Pillow features

Plant-based fill

The foam in the Mat is similar to a premium mattress: soft enough to sink into, yet firm enough to cradle your spine. Shredded foam in the Pillow makes it plush, which is perfect for targeting different areas with the right amount of pressure. Both are made from trees.

Organic cotton outer

Sink into the sensation faster. Soft, strong, and GOTS-certified. Responsibly dyed and stitched by hand with no toxic chemicals or compromise.

Signature Shakti spikes

Our latest spikes get to the point even faster. They’ll release the deepest tension in minutes and remain as beautiful as they are effective. Nothing else comes close.

What you need to know

Maximise the time you have to restore yourself

Rest and reset your body and mind faster

Target multiple areas of stress at once

Simultaneously increase circulation in your back and neck

Tailor your practice to areas that require the most attention


Lying on Shakti spikes activates hundreds of acupoints that increase circulation, release tension, and naturally restore the energy that flows within you. It’s a breathtaking sensation in the beginning, but one that melts into a deep, relaxing, meditative state.

The most common way to Shakti is in bed before sleep, but you can reach for yours whenever you need a reset.


There are two ways to get the most from this Pillow:

1. With your Shakti Mat, in bed, before sleep. Lie down with the Pillow at the top of your Shakti Mat and use your hands to shape it into the areas of your shoulders, neck, head that carry the most tension.

2. Nestle it into the side of your body or tuck it into any tense area while you relax on the couch or work at your desk. The possibilities are endless, but some of our favorites include:

• Under your hamstrings

• Base of your spine

• Side of your face

15-20 minutes is usually all you need to increase circulation and restore a natural flow of energy, but you can absolutely go for longer.

As part of your purchase, you’ll receive access to our free app, Shakti Shala, to help guide you through the experience. You can also find ways to get started on our how to use page.

Blissfoam™ is 100% plant-based foam made from organic, sustainably-grown trees. It’s exclusive to the Acupressure Mat as its structure lets the heavier parts of your body shape it for a deeper release in particularly tense areas. We’ve encased it in organic cotton to keep you cool while you Shakti, and to add a protective layer if you’re sensitive to natural rubber.

The Pillow is filled with shredded plant-based foam for a plush springiness that’s adjustable to the tension you find around your body. Because it’s upcycled from offcuts, we can’t verify that each piece is organic.