Shakti Premium Acupressure Pillow

Intensity: Original
Color: Shakti Black
Shakti Black

Amplify every acupressure session and activate your body’s healing systems to melt inner tension fast. Original balances initial discomfort with deep reward.

The Acupressure Pillow targets your shoulders, neck and head while you lay on your Shakti Mat. You can also tuck it into tense areas while you lay on the couch or work at your desk.

  • Melt neck and head tension
  • Release the tightness in your lower back
  • Relieve period pain, muscle cramps, and enhance any Shakti Mat session

Handmade with soft organic cotton and our sharpest acu-spikes. Filled with 1.6 lbs of shredded plant-based foam that you can mold and nestle into every natural curve.

15.7" Length | 11.8" Width | 6.5" Height

Pressing thousands of tiny spikes into sore areas is a powerful sensation in the beginning. But that’s because it’s meant to be. Shakti spikes activate your body’s ability to restore itself and turn discomfort into relaxation. A one-purchase wellness tool for any wind-down or recovery routine.

We're not relaxed until you are. If your Shakti's not right for you we offer free returns & exchanges. With only 1 in every 271 customers returning their mat, we’re confident you’ll be converted too.

We’re committed to handcrafting acupressure products that support your wellbeing for years to come. If you experience a fault in the craftsmanship or materials, we'll fix or replace it for free.

Product features

Plant-based fill

Shredded foam is perfect for targeting different areas with the right amount of pressure. It creates a plush, dense pillow you can precisely mold and shape into tension. Soft enough to sink into, yet firm enough to push back.

Organic cotton outer

Sink into the sensation faster. Soft, strong, and GOTS-certified. Responsibly dyed and stitched by hand with no toxic chemicals or compromise.

Signature Shakti spikes

Our latest spikes get to the point even faster. They’ll release the deepest tension in minutes and remain as beautiful as they are effective. Nothing else comes close.

What you need to know

Apply targeted relief to hard-to-reach areas

Extend your Shakti Mat up your shoulders, neck and head

Increase circulation and restore muscles fast

Sleep deeper and wake up refreshed

Minimize stress and block out mental chatter

There are two ways to get the most from this Pillow:

1. With your Shakti Mat, in bed, before sleep. Lie down with the Pillow at the top of your Shakti Mat and use your hands to shape it into the areas of your shoulders, neck, and head that carry the most tension.

2. Nestle it into the side of your body or tuck it into any tense area while you relax on the couch or work at your desk. The possibilities are endless, but some of our favorites include:

• Under your hamstrings
• Base of your spine
• Side of your face

15-20 minutes is usually all you need to increase circulation and restore a natural flow of energy, but you can absolutely go for longer.

As part of your purchase, you’ll receive access to our free app, Shakti Shala, to help guide you through the experience. You can also find ways to get started on our how to use page.

The initial sensation is prickly, but after a few minutes the feeling melts into a tingly warmth as circulation increases. 

After 15-20 minutes the real reward kicks in. Your body relaxes, tension washes away, your breath deepens, and you may fall asleep.

If you already own a Mat, the Pillow completes your Shakti experience.

There are 3 levels that will help you unlock the deep benefits of acupressure:


If you’re curious about acupressure and happy to grit your teeth for a reward then the Originals are our most popular place to start. Effectively target deep tissue and restore the body in the same way deep tissue massage would. A perfect balance of challenge and reward.

Arriving summer '24

If you’re intimidated by the spikes and not quite ready to take the full Shakti leap of faith, then start with the Light. This has all the spikes but without the ‘bite’ resulting in a more gentle Shakti experience.

Arriving summer '24

On the other hand, if you want to join the Shakti masters, then the Advanced is for you. Imagine a hot sauna, cold plunge combo… Not for the faint-hearted, but well worth the reward if you’re ready for the upgrade!