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How does a Shakti Mat work?

Do Shakti Mats actually work and how do they work are two most common questions we get asked. And for good reason, a bed of nails is not a familiar site for most people.

What is acupressure

The Shakti Mat is an acupressure tool. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture in the way it stimulates pressure points on skin in order to stimulate a response from the body. Different pressure points stimulate different responses however the overall feeling can be described as relaxing, releasing and easing for the body and the mind. The practice of acupressure

Choosing the right strength

Let's be honest, acupressure is a stimulating experience. But different people have different thresholds to pain. Just like a massage, it's essential that you can pick your preferred level of pressure. The Shakti Mat offers three levels of intensity - Light, Original and Advanced. This ranges from a more gentle experience to a more intense one. The Shakti support team can help you find the strength that's right for you or organise a free exchange if you're not happy with your choice.

Cooling, natural materials

Using an acupressure mat encourages healthy circulation to the area targeted, producing a ‘warming effect’ in your skin and muscles. When choosing your acupressure mat, it’s important to look for cooling, natural materials. Cotton is perfect for this! But conventional cotton requires a lot of water and chemical processing. That's why all Shakti Mats are made using GOTS certified organic cotton - this is not only skin-friendly, but uses less water, less energy, and produces less CO2. Better for your body and better for the environment.

How it's made

Have you ever noticed the difference between a product made by machine, and one crafted by hand? Handmade products have attention to detail and quality that doesn’t compare. Acupressure in India goes back 5,000 years and we believe in honoring this long-standing tradition. Each Shakti Mat is crafted by hand, ensuring quality and care through every step of the process.

Who made it

Acupressure is built on the idea of improving wellbeing - something that can only truly be achieved when you consider the wellbeing of both the user and the maker. The Shakti Mat helps you make the ethical choice in acupressure. Every Shakti team member in India is provided with a living wage, an emergency medical fund, and financial support for their families. When choosing The Shakti Mat you can relax knowing you're improving the wellbeing of more than just your own.